About Us

PC48 is a video production initiative on the move, aiming to create content featuring the unheard stories of the diverse populations and vast landscapes across all 48 continental states. The project aims to break the Guinness World Record for the “Longest distance on a 50cc scooter” and is the 2nd World Record project under the Wheeling For The World collective.

Belik and Mike are no strangers to Guinness World Records. This will be Belik’s second and Mike’s third. Most recently, in August of 2018, they organized and carried out the record breaking 1,630 miles / 24 hour scoot titled “Project Kick To Lead”, which was done in collaboration with Razor Scooters and Seeds of Peace. The record they broke was the “Greatest distance on a kick/push scooter in 24 hours”.

Now they’re back with cameras, and the help of a 50cc engine to break the record for the “Longest journey on a 50cc scooter”. They will be traveling through 9,000 miles of U.S sides roads as they cross every state, seeking to introduce to the world, the country’s extraordinary montage of diverse places and people; the unseen United States of America.

The attempt will begin with an official launch event hosted by the Philadelphia Cycle Center, Philadelphia, PA.

Project Create48 Route Map