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3 months, 2 scooters, 1 tent. ACTION!

Creating content as we travel 9,000 miles is one hell of a challenge, but we are determined. Determined to amplify people’s stories we meet along the way and showcase the beautiful parts of the USA which little know of. Our attempt will be easier with you help.

So how could you support us?





Seeds of Peace was integral in providing the logistic necessities and incredible human resources ensuring that this attempt would be carried out in the best way possible.

Razor provided us with 40 A-6 scooters which gave our physical efforts an extra boost as we strode toward a mind boggling 1,610 mile trip in 24 hours!


USM believed in us from the very beginning and offered their indoor facilities as our mission of cross-cultural collaboration strongly resonated with the university and staff.

Subway recognized that fresh produce and healthy bread would get us further and gladly provided us with subs galore, coffee and cookies, devoured over the 24 hours.

We needed a large dose of energy so without any hesitation, Hydralyte delivered us hundreds of energy tablets, keeping our hearts pumping throughout the attempt.

Nuun was second to none in both the taste and strength of their drinks providing us with a supplemental boost, elevating our minds and bodies.

And there are more…

If you would like to see more of the sponsors we have worked through various expeditions and achievements, click either the ‘Japan to Korea‘ sponsor link or the ‘1000K to Tokyo‘ sponsor link.