The Team

Mike (U.S.), a professional glacier and alpine trekking guide currently residing in Iceland. In his early adventure years, he was part of the first sea-kayaking expedition to cross the East Asian sea from Japan to South Korea. Later, he embarked on a 600mile sea kayaking expedition up the Pacific Coast of Japan, which was completed in just over 50 days. In regards to world record attempts, this will be his third. When not traveling around the globe planning his next adventure, Mike works with an international conflict resolution Non-Profit called, Seeds of Peace, which focuses on youth driven programming with young leaders from areas of Conflict around the world.

Belik (Israel-Australia), began his international travels at the age of 3 weeks, and hasn’t looked back since. With 64 countries under his belt, Belik constantly places himself outside his comfort zone, where he grows most. As a true believer of the power of change, Belik spent three summers empowering youth from conflict regions at Seeds Of Peace, and continued his coexistence efforts by establishing the Jerusalem Peace Lions, a mixed team of Palestinians and Israelis playing Australian Rules Football. During his military service he was given the mic as the logistics corp motivational speaker, and enhanced his story telling skills during the prestigious New Story Leadership fellowship in DC. Throughout his travels, Belik noticed the power of amplifying others’ stories and decided to produce videos to reach greater audiences.